Looking for Friends of TOUCH?

In May 2014, Friends of TOUCH became Tributaries International.

In addition to the original partnership and support for children in Uganda, we now serve globally to provide training in mental health and bible-based trauma healing, reconciliation, and leadership development.

Children in class

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Sara and the children in Uganda?
We still support the wonderful work Sara Sebyala and her team are doing! Sara’s TOUCH program for children changed its name in 2013 to Bridges for Children. At this time we also began the process of choosing a new name that would better reflect the functions of the organization.
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Can I sponsor a child?
You can sponsor a place for a child in school or in a life-changing program, such as Bridges for Children. If you have been sponsoring a child, your sponsorship can continue until that child is through school and we will update you of the child’s status periodically.

Why is sponsorship changing?
Under the sponsorship program, funds were pooled so that the maximum number of children could benefit. Nothing has changed about how the funds are used (school fees, food, supplies, medical care, uniforms). We believe that it’s more accurate to say you are making room for a child to attend school and receive services.  Children in the area served by Bridges for Children move frequently. There are many reasons for this, including family stability, parents looking for work, illness, or other issues. Many of the children are very young, preschool to kindergarten age. They are in the program for protection and so they can have regular meals. These children are often moving in and out of the program because of family situations. We are working with Sara to find ways of addressing these deeper issues with the children and families served by Bridges for Children.

Can I make a donation and designate it for the children in Uganda?
Yes! While we do not take donations for distribution to individuals (child or staff), you can specify which of our programs/projects you want to support.

What do my donations do?
When you make a donation to Tributaries International for the Bridges for Children program, your gift is used to provide: school fees, supplies, two daily meals for the children, a protected environment for children to learn and play, Bible lessons, medical care, love and encouragement from Sara’s team of teachers and caregivers.

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