Wamama Women’s Group

Wamama Women's Group

Wamama” is Swahili for “the mothers” – and this group of moms are working to make a big difference in their families and in their community.

Psalm 68:6 says, “God sets the lonely in families” and when we look at how best to help the children, we always come to the family.

Part of the Bridges for Children program in Uganda, Wamama are determined to fight for their children to have a brighter future. While they work to cover rent and other household needs, Bridges for Children helps with education and meals for their children. In this way, we work together to build families that can overcome poverty.

Wamama meets every week to encourage and learn from each other, to discuss issues, and to work together for stronger families. We are excited to see the women take on new responsibilities and challenges with increasing confidence and faith – and we’re certain that stronger families will mean children have a better chance to grow up strong and healthy!

Location: Uganda
Partner: Bridges for Children