Bridges for Children – Uganda

Secondary school students
Some of the students you support in secondary school.

Bridges for Children has worked with children from an urban slum of Kampala since 1997, helping families with education costs, and providing educational support for children from primary through secondary school.

As Bridges for Children moves toward a self-sustaining model through farming and business endeavors, we are focusing on a group of secondary school students. These students have one to two years of secondary education remaining, and after that, vocational or other job training.

Secondary school students are particularly at risk. They face growing pressures to drop out of school before completing. We’ve committed to see these students through their secondary education.

“Bridges for Children has been my shelter and refuge to run unto. They have stayed with me, always listened to me when I needed someone to talk to. They have given me their time, cried when I cried, made me to laugh, and put a smile on my face again.” – Faridah, now training to become a teacher

  • School fees for 19 secondary school students
  • Assistance for children and families
  • Weekly “Wamama” gatherings for mothers and care givers for encouragement and training

Program Founder & Director: Sara Sebyala
Focus: Orphans & Vulnerable Children, Youth, Education
Location: Uganda