Mental Health Affects Everything

Yet more than 75% of people with mental health conditions do not receive treatment.

Let's change that.

Who do we call in a crisis?

We don't generally go to a mental health professional right away. Stigma, misunderstanding, and fear can keep us from seeking help at all. When we need help, we're likely to go to a faith leader, or to a health care provider. Social workers, police, or others may be involved. Each of these people can play an important role caring the mental health of a community.

An estimated 1 in 8 people have a mental health condition. Yet mental health services are notoriously underfunded. In some places, they are inaccessible to as much as 85% of the people who need them. Trained faith leaders, primary healthcare workers, social workers, and others in the community can help bridge the gap between the need and available care.

That's where we come in.

Counseling Practice

Training for formal & informal service providers


Faith + evidence-based

This group is learning about children and grief.

Global reach

Train Workers for Mental Health

Your donations provide mental heath training for church and community workers in the developing world.

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