We All Need Mental Health

But mental health care isn't available

in much of the world. We can change that.


The Problem

Developing nations may have only a few mental health professionals, and these have overflowing caseloads. Stigma, fear, and misunderstanding keep people from seeking help. This suffering could be prevented!


Our Solution

We equip informal service providers such as medical staff, social workers, and religious leaders with basic mental health and counseling skills. They learn to recognize and respond to mental health needs, as well as when to refer.

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Trained informal providers make care available to more people at less cost. With increased knowledge, understanding, & acceptance, people can talk about their challenges. Getting better care faster means short-term interventions can have great positive impact.

The training is like light coming into the darkness. We understand things we knew nothing about.

- Cambodia

If just one girl or boy is not taken from her village because the pastors had this teaching, then it is worth it.

- Thailand

People are suffering in sorrow, and they don’t know what to do. Now I can help them.

- Pakistan

You’ve taken this gold from heaven and made it accessible to us.

- Cameroon

Report from Senegal

“Sometimes there is a disease. And because we are spiritual, we just see demons there. And we always cast demons. But his condition doesn’t change.”

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It’s Time for Mental Health

Who do people go to when they have a problem? These are the people we train to recognize and respond to mental health needs.

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Mental Health Programs for 2019

Each new year brings fresh hope and new opportunities! Here are our mental health programs for 2019.

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Helping Military Families

At first, Sergeant Biake wasn’t sure he should attend the mental health seminar, but he decided to participate. In this video he shares why he is glad he made that decision.

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Regional Impact

Just a few nights ago, we sat with the national mental health leaders from three African countries.

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Train community workers for mental health.

Your donations provide mental heath training for church and community workers in the developing world.

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