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here’s what’s next for

understanding People, Mental Health, and Trauma

The mental health training program will continue, but Tributaries International will not.


Important Update

tributaries is Shutting Down

Tributaries International will cease to operate as a 501c3 nonprofit in April 2024.

training With Dr. Lyn Westman continues

Dr. Lyn Westman will continue to teach the UPMHT program by partnering with a variety of organizations.


Scroll down for questions and answers about the change.


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Why are you shutting down as a nonprofit?

The program itself is able to operate through relationships with other organizations. Our board decided that the energy we spent maintaining operations as an organization could be better spent to promote and grow the training program through these strategic relationships.

What happens to my automatic recurring donation?

For any recurring donations that we are able to control (ACH, Credit Card). We stopped those transactions as of April 2nd, 2024. If you make a donation through your bank (BillPay, etc.) you will need to stop the donation through your bank.

How can I donate to the mental health training programs?

Donations for mental health training can be made through global missions LightHouse church in Hayes, VA. Please specify mental health.

How can I get training?

Please join the waitlist for training opportunities (scroll down for the form). This will give you periodic updates and announcements concerning training events. Some training will soon be available online.


Training for Mental health