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Mental Health

Bridge with gaps

World Mental Health Day

    October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a global event to raise awareness about mental health conditions. This year’s theme is “mental health in an unequal world”, with a focus on the gap between the demand for mental health services and access to those services.

    Learning about crisis

    What Happens to us in a Crisis?

      When we have a crisis, we all get a little wobbly. Offering extra grace can make a huge difference, and helps everyone cope in a more positive way. Here’s a quick (and fun) lesson on crisis.

      Discussion and interaction

      Report from Ecuador

        For the project in Ecuador, we addressed levels one and two of the World Health Organization’s Optimal Mix for Mental Health Services. These are the base levels of self care and informal care, which take place outside of the formal healthcare and mental health systems. The focus is on increased awareness and understanding of stress management, mental disorders, grief and trauma.

        Using Baby Finds Grace with children

        A Time for Healing in Cambodia

          The room becomes hushed. There are tears. The participants soon grasp a new reality; this week will affect them personally. There is a shift, a change in the atmosphere. More than a training seminar; this week will be life-changing.

          Cambodia - children's home

          It’s Time for Mental Health

            Who do people go to when they have a problem? These are the people we train to recognize and respond to mental health needs.

            Watch the video to see how training helps

            Helping Military Families

              At first, Sergeant Biake wasn’t sure he should attend the mental health seminar, but he decided to participate. In this video he shares why he is glad he made that decision.