Baby Finds Grace  
Helping Children Cope
with Grief & Trauma

Dr. Lyn Westman wrote Baby Finds Grace to help parents and other caregivers bring healing to children who suffer from grief and/or trauma. With the endearing tale of “Baby,” a small canary who gets separated from her family in a storm, Dr. Westman takes the reader through Baby’s trauma, grief, and ultimately healing.

“Often when people think of grief and trauma in developing nations, they think of the war-torn countries, however; situations such as poverty, disease, becoming an orphan, moving in with extended family, or moving to a different country may also produce symptoms of trauma in a child,” says Dr. Westman. Though it’s a children’s story, she hopes adults will find healing as well, “Any age could benefit. Since we’re using animals as characters in the story, anyone can take it and apply it to periods of suffering in their life.”

The story comes with a set of questions and activities for each chapter, to help children talk about what they are experiencing. A guide in the beginning gives parents and caregivers tips for helping children. The book is beautifully illustrated by Betty Nance Smith.


“Somehow both heart-breaking and hope-giving, simple yet profound. This book is for all who have grieved the loss of loved ones, and especially for those who seek to bring grace and healing to children whose hearts have known deep hurt.”
Jedd Medefind,
President, Christian Alliance for Orphans and author of Becoming Home

“Dr. Lyn’s integrity and pursuit of excellence is evident in her ongoing education, spiritual growth and love and service to the poor. She is a woman of faith and humility who loves adventure and the world around her. My wife, Deyon, and I are honored to call her our friend. In Baby Finds Grace,Dr. Lyn provides an environment of compassion in which children can begin, or continue, the journey to emotional and spiritual healing.”
Don Stephens
President and Founder, Mercy Ships

“I am certain that this excellent masterpiece will help in repairing, saving thousands of wounded children.”
Professor Kolou DASSA
Psychiatrist; Focal Point, Mental Health (Ministry of Health –Togo)

“I heartily commend this story as a wonderful tool for caregivers working with traumatized children. In a very non-threatening way it tenderly weaves awareness of trauma symptoms and models “care" for the child who is traumatized.”

Susan Vonolszewski

Founder/Executive Director of RiverCross, A Ministry of TWR

Book - Baby Finds Grace

Baby Finds Grace 

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