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HOPE at work in DRC

    The eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo has seen decades of violence and natural disasters; with high numbers of displaced persons, children orphaned by war, victims of sexual violence and children associated with armed groups.

    This causes enormous challenges and leads to serious mental health problems among children and their families. But local community organizations, like our friends at ELIKIA in Action, are working to meet the need for psycho-social care.

    ELIKIA is the Congolese word for hope. Hope in the midst of conflict. Hope in the face of danger. Hope rooted and founded in Christ, who is faithful to us, even when our world is falling apart.

    In January, you sent the Tributaries International mental health team, Dr. Lyn Westman and Pastor Samuel Kpavouvou, to Goma, DRC. 

    This was an answered prayer for our friends at ELIKIA! They’ve been using Lyn’s Baby Finds Grace to help children through grief and trauma since 2016, but still needed the full Understanding People, Mental Health, and Trauma training. 

    Access to mental health care is limited (or non-existent) in so many parts of the world, but trained informal service providers can play a tremendous role in meeting the need. 

    In Goma, 23 participants, including non-governmental organization staff and pastors, invested 40 hours in learning more about crisis, counseling, abuse prevention, and mental health. These dedicated leaders serve 300 hundred children, plus survivors of sexual violence and others in Goma affected by conflict and disaster. 

    Together, they are working to ease suffering and promote hope in their community.