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Central African Republic

There's only ONE psychiatrist in this nation which has suffered violence for many years. Help us train healthcare workers to recognize and respond to mental health disorders.


Equip children's workers to respond to psychosocial needs, including grief and trauma. Training includes special attention to abuse prevention.


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Defender of old women

"Defender of Old Women"


Before training, people thought the old women were witches. But when this leader learned about dementia, he recognized the symptoms and realized there was something he could do.  He taught his family, his church, and the community about dementia, and now he's known as the defender of old women! 

Charity says training helped her a lot

Keeps Children in Families


Women from 26 villages come to her all the time, ready to give up their children because they can’t afford to feed them. After training two years ago, Charity started counseling those mothers. She helps them realize their own worth, identifies skills, encourages them, and helps them find or create work. Then she keeps their children during the day so they can earn a living. Now, over 350 children have day care with Charity but they live with their families—not in an orphanage.


Training Others


Two days after we scheduled training, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, killing nearly 9,000 people and leaving scores homeless. Partners in Nepal took hold of the training and continue to teach others, while rebuilding homes and helping to fight human trafficking.  

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