Kawere's business
Young Businessman
Kawere started this video rental business with his brother and attended vocational school at night to earn a certificate in
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P.7 Class 2014
Students Take Primary Leaving Exams
These P.7 students at Calvary Primary took their Primary Leaving Exams this week!
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Wamama Women's Group
Interview with Jaja Rosemary Part 2
Mommy said, and Rosemary said, “Now we are only supporting the children to go to school. But - if we
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Interview with Jaja Rosemary Part 1
She found me trying to clean some utensils, and she started talking to me and asking me my own story.
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Photos: Going to School in Uganda
Thank you for helping children in Uganda go to school! Your Impact: School fees paid for 100 children 2 daily
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Training Helps Stop Early Marriage
Pastor Samuel Kpavouvou, our partner in Togo, is certified as a Master facilitator for adults and children through the Mercy
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dropping out
9 Reasons Children Drop Out of School
One of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals is universal access to primary education (age 7-14 years). Many positive strides
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Taking Our Pain to the Cross
  This picture is from an activity near the end of the Trauma Healing Workshop, called “Taking Our Pain to
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