“Bridges for Children has been my shelter and refuge to run unto. They have stayed with me, always listened to me when I needed someone to talk to. They have given me their time, cried when I cried, made me to laugh, and put a smile on my face again.”  – Faridah, now training to become a teacher

Thank you for your help bringing hundreds of  of children through school! Bridges for Children is now in a new season, and Tributaries International is no longer processing donations for this program. 

Bridges for Children secondary students
Update from Uganda
Here are some of the secondary students you’re supporting through Bridges for Children. Students are entering their third term of
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Protecting Girls is Key to Fighting AIDS
There has been significant progress in recent years, but children still suffer because of HIV/AIDS. Today’s report from UNICEF says
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A New Season for Bridges for Children
Now in a new season, Bridges for Children embraces a time of transition into a new model of care.
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Helping with the family farm
Photos: Helping at Home
What do our students in Uganda do when they aren’t in school? Between school terms, children help at home with family
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Student concentrates
The Test
These have chosen to seize the moment to pursue their dream amidst the storm called the “TEST”. With smiles so
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School Lunch
Making Meager Meals Momentous
Mangeni is thrilled to be in school today. Because she's in school, she has a chance to bring herself out
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