“Bridges for Children has been my shelter and refuge to run unto. They have stayed with me, always listened to me when I needed someone to talk to. They have given me their time, cried when I cried, made me to laugh, and put a smile on my face again.”  – Faridah, now training to become a teacher

Thank you for your help bringing hundreds of  of children through school! Bridges for Children is now in a new season, and Tributaries International is no longer processing donations for this program. 

Children in Awana club
Teaching Children About God’s Love
A task of liberating children from the sea of ignorance demands strong minds, great hearts, and faith...a progress report on
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Back to School!
Back to School
The third and final term of the school year started today in Uganda. Here, the school year begins in February
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A Poem About AIDS
Students in Uganda have been writing about issues in their community. Gift, a primary 7 student, wrote this poem about
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Students in second term
School Update from Uganda
Students in Uganda are in the second term of school, halfway through the school year. The children are learning different
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A Story About School Drop Outs
Sweets, mobile phones, no rules . . . dropping out of school may seem tempting, but it's dangerous. Here's what
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Kamanzi is back as a teacher at Calvary Primary.
Back to School – as a Teacher!
Kamanzi started in the Bridges for Children program when he was 11 years old. Now he is returning - as
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