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October Training Update

    The Tributaries International mental health team recently returned from training in Myanmar and Nepal. These seminars equipped 48 new informal service providers. The team did a two-day follow-up for 15 church leaders trained last year in Myanmar.

    Working together in Myanmar.
    Working together in Myanmar.

    “Sons and Daughters”

    One follow-up participant said, “I’m an introvert but when I teach I use a lot of these things. I drew the models on the whiteboard and taught my church members. Learning the grief cycle helped my members grieve some losses. [They need to] go through the process…. There are no shortcuts. I saw a big change. I am more aware of what is going on in them. We also invite older people, love them, give them a sense of belonging and love. They love it! We share the love of God with them. They call us their sons and daughters. I learned many things from the lessons.”

    Video conference follow up
    Follow up participants share how they use the training.

    Follow Up By Video Conference

    On October 3rd, we held our first ever online follow-up session with forty-five participants. Formal and informal service providers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) attended the session. Initial training was offered by Mercy Ships, Tributaries International and the government of DRC in 2015. In order to provide follow up as promised, the three organizations partnered once again to strengthen the work which has already begun in DRC.

    When you send a mental health training team, you shape families, communities, and nations.Equipping church leaders, social workers, and health care providers with basic mental health and counseling skills provides a safety net in the community. Training raises awareness, makes care accessible, fights stigma and abuse, and offers hope.