Training Changes Everything
Changing lives for moms

Training Changes Everything

“I'm not a psychologist by profession, but I realized I am playing the role of a counselor." After training, Charity changed the way she responds to desperate mothers who come to her for help.

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Making Meager Meals Momentous

Mangeni is thrilled to be in school today. Because she's in school, she has a chance to bring herself out of poverty. As she sits in class, she tries hard to focus. There was no dinner at home last night.

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Young Businessman

Kawere started this video rental business with his brother and attended vocational school at night to earn a certificate in auto repair and maintenance.

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Interview with Jaja Rosemary Part 1

She found me trying to clean some utensils, and she started talking to me and asking me my own story. And she said, “It is okay. Lets pray about it.”

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9 Reasons Children Drop Out of School

One of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals is universal access to primary education (age 7-14 years). Many positive strides have been taken, but there is still a long way to go.

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