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Rebuilding Homes in Nepal

    The April 2015 earthquake destroyed 88% of the houses in the Nuwakot district of Nepal. Hope for Nepal is rebuilding homes in a mountain village near Jirethum, “ 35 kilo,” with a grant from GlobalGiving. The woman pictured above was the first to get a new home.

    The Tributaries mental health team was here in September, training local service providers to care for people who might be struggling. During construction, Hope for Nepal has also stationed a leader trained in basic counseling skills nearby. Some of the participants in our workshop were among those rebuilding, and they showed us their new homes.

    While the top photo of the woman was being taken, this dove landed on the edge of her roof, as if to deliver a message of hope and peace.

    In this village, seven homes are now finished, with more still under construction. Other homes scattered around the area have been repaired and rebuilt as well.

    Families could choose between two types of homes. Most will get a basic, two-room house. Others needed a two-story house, with the lower level for keeping animals or supplies. In most cases, the family receiving the home also contributed funds and labor.

    After the quake
    Community meeting prior to the start of construction