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See Where You’ve Provided Training for Mental Health this Year

    Thank you so much for bringing mental health training to new areas this year!

    Burundi and Peru are the latest nations to experience the Understanding People, Mental Health, and Trauma workshop for the first time. We were also able to bring the training to new locations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Pakistan.

    Leaders in Ecuador give the training a thumbs up
    You get a double thumbs up from Ecuador!

    Dr. Lyn Westman, Mental Health Program Senior Consultant, has traveled nearly nonstop this year, making up for lost time since the pandemic started.


    • DRC – 23 participants, including non-governmental organization staff and pastors
    • Burundi – 21 leaders from the Baptist Union of Churches
    • Peru – 15 church leaders attended, and two facilitators in training joined from Mexico, where they will begin to train others in the coming year.
    • Ecuador – 21 counselors and church leaders, part of an effort to establish ten community counseling centers
    • Pakistan – 122 participants with various roles, with many traveling from different parts of the country to attend.
    Training in Pakistan

    Training for informal service providers creates an important layer of care and services within the community. These coincide with the World Health Organization’s recommended Optimal Mix for Mental Health Services and build up a part of national mental health policy and services.

    Trained informal service providers, along with formal providers such as healthcare workers, make care available to more people with a wide range of problems, and at a lower cost. Since most people can be helped with counseling, this can reduce the strain on higher levels of care and provide bridges back to the community for those returning after treatment and/or long-term care.

    You’re making it easier to find help for mental health concerns in all of these places! Thank you!