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Simple Things Help Counselors Connect

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    “We learned to allow the person to go through the whole process of grief and to express emotions. Instead of telling someone to stop crying, give them a tissue.” – Participant in West Africa

    A tissue may seem like a simple thing, but to a person who is mourning the loss of a loved one, it is a generous act of shared humanity and understanding.

    Practical tips like this help community care providers like teachers, pastors, health care workers, and social workers put the things they learn into action. When leaders are trained to understand people in a holistic way – including body, soul, spirit, and social relationships – most people can find the care they need without the higher level services absent in much of the developing world.

    The Tributaries International Mental Health Program equips caregivers with an understanding of whole person care and basic mental health and illness, with an emphasis on emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and all forms of stress.