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Report from Senegal

    “Sometimes there is a disease. And because we are spiritual, we just see demons there. And we always cast demons. But his condition doesn’t change.”

    Regional Impact

      Just a few nights ago, we sat with the national mental health leaders from three African countries.

      Children Read baby Finds Grace

      Children’s Workshop Changes Lives

        The girl was always quiet. In one of the activities in our children’s workshop, the children look at a set of images. The images show several facial expressions, and they are asked to choose which face they feel like most often. This girl picked the sad face. At first, she did not want to talk about the reason. 

        Charity says training helped her a lot

        Training Changes Everything

          “I’m not a psychologist by profession, but I realized I am playing the role of a counselor.” After training, Charity changed the way she responds to desperate mothers who come to her for help.