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Thank You from Nepal

Thank You, from Nepal

    Mohan Recorded this message to share how mental health training has helped in Nepal.

    Working with children in Myanmar

    Training Update: Myanmar

      “We give the food and love, but it’s not enough. Their need is inside.” Hannah cares for 64 orphaned children. She had just finished a TI training seminar.

      Kathmandu training

      Mental Health Training Update

        This summer, a mental health team from Tributaries International trained over 200 service providers in four nations. “This has helped us so much even in this short time,” Says one church leader. “People have noticed the change.”

        Church Leaders Get Mental Health Training in Nepal

          Seventy-one informal care providers received training in basic mental health and trauma in August. Participants were among those responding after the April 25 earthquake and the following aftershocks through the church and through Hope for Nepal, a local organization that organized the seminars.