The Test

Student concentrates

Like any other Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Lawyer, and others, have gone through that time were they are tested to find out what they are made of. Their dreams are being put to test by a piece of paper and a number of questions. A challenge accepted by many though a few make it. At this point, every child for him or herself. The test comes with a storm whose waves shake up many so as to unveil what they are made of.

Amidst these little bright children, we have those whose dreams  to become Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Lawyers, Bankers, Administrators, Managers, among other dreams that are being tested.

Attitude, character, will, patience to pursue their dream is put to test as well to find out who are made out of steel – because at this point, only the strong survive.

As many have lost hope, failed to accept the challenge and tossed by the storm, but these have chosen to seize the moment to pursue their dream amidst the storm called the “TEST”. With smiles so broad, they have accepted to face the challenge, pursue their dreams regardless of the hurdles with the aim of having a bright future.

As the Bridges for Children Program in Uganda, we are so much grateful to our supporters who have given in everything to give these little children hope, moral and financial support, education, medical care, school supplies and others.

Many are in school today because of the support you have rendered us and we believe that together we will help many realize their dreams, too many hope for tomorrow and a bright future.

Primary 7 Class
This year’s Primary 7 Class at Calvary Primary School – Uganda