Children in Togo Hold Prayer Walk to End Ebola

Children in Togo are doing a prayer walk to pray for an end to Ebola. This is the message we got from Soule, who is helping to organize the walk:

Children will walk in the streets of Sotouboua from 7 different sites and all meet at the cultural center where Dr Gregoire will share the materials on Ebola for the Children. Please pray that the Lord will mobilise children. We are expecting 300 children aged from 6 and over. Pray that all the churches will mobilise their children and sunday school teachers for the success of this prayer walk.

The Ebola virus has caused over 5,000 deaths, mostly in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The disease has NOT been in Togo, but churches there are joining in a worldwide prayer movement for an end to the disease.

Dr. Lyn Westman, our Mental Health Program Consultant, helped edit and develop the materials with David C Cook publishers. Pastor Samuel translated Ebola lessons for children in areas where they are at risk. Therese Prunet-Brewer translated the prayer walk materials. For more information and to download the materials, visit the publisher’s site.

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