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Training for 90 New Informal Providers

    This group is learning about children and grief.
    This group is learning about children and grief.

    “People are suffering in sorrow, and they don’t know what to do. Now I can help them.”

    The mental health training team has been busy this year, training in 6 nations since the beginning of February. After training in Asia, we joined with the Mercy Ships mental health team in Africa.

    Over 90 service providers were trained in Pakistan and Thailand. They are active in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), churches, and health care centers. Some are working with victims of domestic violence, terrorism, or trafficking, some with refugees or struggling youth.

    Participants learn a counselee – focused process to help a person make sense of the chaos in their lives. It’s not a formula but gives a framework for understanding the person, their situation, and where to focus.

    In Thailand, Some of the participants continued meeting afterward and are using the training to start new mental health initiatives. Some of the women in Pakistan are going through the manual again as a group, to reinforce what they learned and to help the children of their community.

    Your support helps to equip informal service providers & makes compassionate care available for more people. You are also helping to overcome misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health.