Upcoming Training Events

We are getting more requests for mental health training in all parts of the world, which is both heartbreaking and wonderful. Heartbreaking because so many people are suffering. People are displaced, abused, trapped in conflict and poverty and hopelessness. Yet, it is wonderful because people find hope and practical help with the program Understanding People, Mental Health, and Trauma.

Once strategic groups are trained in a nation, they can have a tremendous impact! We’ve been collecting stories in follow-ups and we’ll be sharing those with you soon.

The mental health team is scheduled for Myanmar, Nepal, U.S., and Canada later this year, and we are working on Cambodia, West and Central Africa, and into Central and South America for 2018. Another exciting turn is that we will offer our first online training event this year, for nations in Central Africa where conflict keeps us from being physically present.

Church Leaders Group in Asia

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