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Video Update – Pakistan

    Tributaries International brings mental health training to often-neglected areas of the world, where mental health is misunderstood and many people lack access to care.

    One of those areas is Pakistan, where Dr. Lyn  Westman recently led the Understanding People, Mental Health, and Trauma workshop for two groups. Thanks to generous donors like you and our friends at The International Leadership Training Institute (TILTI), participants were able to travel from different parts of Pakistan to attend. 

    We had hoped for 100 participants, but the Lord blessed us with 122 over the two weeks of training! And they represented so many different roles–including professionals, students, dignitaries, medical staff, pastors, and police. This kind of group, with people from so many different backgrounds and specialties, presents a tremendous opportunity to build networks for referrals and to start conversations that can bring lasting change and improve access and care for many people in the nation.

    Our partners at The International Leadership Training Institute (TILTI) made this video to let you know how they will be using the training, and to express appreciation.

    Thank you for supporting this life-changing work!