Baby Finds Grace was written to bring healing to children who suffer from grief and-or trauma.
Bridges for Children - Uganda
Train workers in mental health and trauma - Nepal Earthquake
Wamama Women's Group
Mental Health Training

Bring hope

Tributaries International promotes care for children, mental health and trauma healing, and leadership development in Africa and the world.

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Children in Awana club
Teaching Children About God’s Love

Dear Friends, Once again it is that time of the year 2015 when we take the opportunity to send you… Read More

Practicing individual counseling
Church Leaders Get Mental Health Training in Nepal

Seventy-one informal care providers received training in basic mental health and trauma in August. Thirty-five were trained in Nepagunj. Thirty-six… Read More

Back to School!
Back to School

The third and final term of the school year started today in Uganda. Here, the school year begins in February… Read More

Some wounds are invisible.

We bring healing for emotional trauma, mental illness, and the stresses of everyday life in the developing world.