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Tributaries International promotes care for children, mental health and trauma healing, and leadership development globally.

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Vocalists from Liberia & Pakistan Unite to Release Songs for Healing.
Arif Bhatti (Pakistan) and Kanvee Gaines Adams (Liberia) have blended their talents to produce a new… Read More

Helping with the family farm
Photos: Helping at Home

What do our students in Uganda do when they aren't in school? Between school terms, children help at home with family… Read More

Song- You Star of town Bethlehem - Computer-006
Traveling from Afar, We Come Together

In 2008, while serving as Consultant for the Mercy Ships Mental Health Program in the war-torn country of Liberia, I… Read More

Some wounds are invisible.

We bring healing for emotional trauma, mental illness, and the stresses of everyday life in the developing world.