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Church Leaders Get Mental Health Training in Nepal

    Seventy-one informal care providers received training in basic mental health and trauma in August. Thirty-five were trained in Nepagunj. Thirty-six were trained in Kathmandu. Participants were among those responding after the April 25 earthquake and the following aftershocks through the church and through Hope for Nepal, a local organization that organized the seminars.

    Church leaders, social workers, caregivers, and individuals who serve with local and international NGOs attended. This training will help them to incorporate basic care for psychosocial needs of the people within their own communities, not only when disaster strikes, but also in their everyday roles.

    Participants were trained in the concept of whole person care, ways to care for others who have experienced trauma, and how to care for themselves as they serve. They also received training on causes and symptoms of emotional trauma and mental illness, anxiety, depression, and stress, and when to refer.

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