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It’s Time for Mental Health
Who do people go to when they have a problem? These are the people we train to recognize and respond
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Mental Health Programs for 2019
Each new year brings fresh hope and new opportunities! Here are our mental health programs for 2019.
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Watch the video to see how training helps
Helping Military Families
At first, Sergeant Biake wasn't sure he should attend the mental health seminar, but he decided to participate. In this
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Regional Impact
Just a few nights ago, we sat with the national mental health leaders from three African countries.
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counseling practice
Simple Things Help Counselors Connect
When leaders are trained to understand people in a holistic way – including body, soul, spirit, and social relationships -
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Impact Liberia Mental Health
Know Their Story
In this brief video, Ben shares how he and other church leaders have used the training to help people in
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Training in Liberia
Thirty church leaders who were trained a few years ago will receive the newest edition of the mental health manual, Understanding
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Thank You from Nepal
Thank You, from Nepal
Mohan Recorded this message to share how mental health training has helped in Nepal.
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Charity says training helped her a lot
Training Changes Everything
“I'm not a psychologist by profession, but I realized I am playing the role of a counselor." After training, Charity
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Site Visit: Nepal
“Thank you so much for taking the time to show me around the very impressive house reconstruction project! It was
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Working together in Myanmar.
October Training Update
The Tributaries International mental health team recently returned from training in Myanmar and Nepal. These seminars equipped 48 new informal
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Andre helps people in Cameroon
Starting Conversations…
Andre says people always seem to back away when the topic of mental health comes up. So he takes a
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