When you send a mental health training team, you shape families, communities, and nations. In most developing countries, access to mental health care is difficult if not impossible. Equipping church leaders, social workers, and health care providers with basic mental health and counseling skills provides a safety net in the community.

World Mental Health Day is October 10th
October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a day to draw attention to the need for mental health care. The
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Madagascar: Fighting Discouragement
A physician looks for ways to fight discouragement in patients, and stigma in the community.
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Group discussions in training
Training in Madagascar
Tributaries International collaborated with Mercy Ships in Madagascar August 11-15 to train community caregivers in mental health.
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Vocalists from Liberia & Pakistan Unite to Release Songs for Healing.
We don’t often think of places like Pakistan or Liberia when we think of Christmas music, but as Arif says:
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Traveling from Afar, We Come Together
Blending their voices and bending their knees, Arif and Kanvee have poured their hearts out into the songs they have
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Kathmandu training
Mental Health Training Update
This summer, a mental health team from Tributaries International trained over 200 service providers in four nations. “This has helped
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Church Leaders Get Mental Health Training in Nepal
Seventy-one informal care providers received training in basic mental health and trauma in August. Participants were among those responding after
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Children’s Trauma Healing in Sri Lanka
Twenty-seven leaders in Sri Lanka were trained this month as children’s trauma healing facilitators. In the week immediately following training, they applied
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Healing Takes Time
How can you help children who are struggling if they won’t talk about it?
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Helping Children Cope with Grief
When the advanced church leader training in Benin was shortened, the Mental Health Team was able to spend time at
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Baby Finds Grace
New Book for Children Experiencing Grief and Trauma
Dr. Lyn Westman wrote Baby Finds Grace to help parents and other caregivers bring healing to children who suffer from
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Answers Amidst Suffering
Resourceful Magazine just released its Spring issue, which includes an article about the Ebola education project. The article called, “Answers
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