When you send a mental health training team, you shape families, communities, and nations. In most developing countries, access to mental health care is difficult if not impossible. Equipping church leaders, social workers, and health care providers with basic mental health and counseling skills provides a safety net in the community.

Helping Children Cope with Grief
When the advanced church leader training in Benin was shortened, the Mental Health Team was able to spend time at
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Baby Finds Grace
New Book for Children Experiencing Grief and Trauma
Dr. Lyn Westman wrote Baby Finds Grace to help parents and other caregivers bring healing to children who suffer from
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Answers Amidst Suffering
Resourceful Magazine just released its Spring issue, which includes an article about the Ebola education project. The article called, “Answers
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Children's Workers
Training in Togo
These workers from several children’s homes in Lomé Togo just completed three days of training in mental health. They also
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Group Photograph of the Beneficiaries of Tsévié-
Training for Orphanage Workers
Training will be provided for 30 orphanage care workers and is expected to impact 1,000-1,500 children.
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Report: Ebola Prayer Walk
Thank you very much for your prayers and support for the children's prayer walk against Ebola in Sotouboua. We did
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Training Helps Stop Early Marriage
Pastor Samuel Kpavouvou, our partner in Togo, is certified as a Master facilitator for adults and children through the Mercy
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Taking Our Pain to the Cross
  This picture is from an activity near the end of the Trauma Healing Workshop, called “Taking Our Pain to
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