A Time for Healing in Cambodia
Using Baby Finds Grace with children

A Time for Healing in Cambodia

The room becomes hushed. There are tears. The participants soon grasp a new reality; this week will affect them personally. There is a shift, a change in the atmosphere. More than a training seminar; this week will be life-changing.

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Children’s Workshop Changes Lives

The girl was always quiet. In one of the activities in our children’s workshop, the children look at a set of images. The images show several facial expressions, and they are asked to choose which face they feel like most often. This girl picked the sad face. At first, she did not want to talk about the reason. 

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Training Changes Everything

“I'm not a psychologist by profession, but I realized I am playing the role of a counselor." After training, Charity changed the way she responds to desperate mothers who come to her for help.

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Update from Uganda

Here are some of the secondary students you're supporting through Bridges for Children. Students are entering their third term of the school year -- Thanks to you! As the third…

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Protecting Girls is Key to Fighting AIDS

There has been significant progress in recent years, but children still suffer because of HIV/AIDS. Today's report from UNICEF says adolescents, especially girls, are at the highest risk. Globally, an…

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Thank you for the warm clothes!

Thanks to you, these girls from the mountain regions of Nepal have coats and warm clothes for the winter!

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Photos: Helping at Home
Helping with the family farm

Photos: Helping at Home

What do our students in Uganda do when they aren't in school? Between school terms, children help at home with family chores, farming or business.

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Traveling from Afar, We Come Together

Blending their voices and bending their knees, Arif and Kanvee have poured their hearts out into the songs they have put together. As the wise men traveled from afar and came together to pay tribute and give gifts to the newborn King, so everyone involved in this project does the same.

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The Test

These have chosen to seize the moment to pursue their dream amidst the storm called the “TEST”. With smiles so broad, they have accepted to face the challenge, pursue their dreams regardless of the hurdles with the aim of having a bright future.

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