Taking Our Pain to the Cross



This picture is from an activity near the end of the Trauma Healing Workshop, called “Taking Our Pain to the Cross.” We take our pain, write it down, and place it at the foot of the cross. There is a time of reflection and prayer. We ask Jesus to heal our wounded hearts. It is a holy moment as the papers burn to ash.

On Good Friday, we are reminded that Jesus took ALL of our sin and pain to the cross. ALL of it. There’s nothing we need to try and hide from him, nothing we can’t bring to him for healing. That’s what makes the cross so good. God’s mercy extended to people who don’t deserve it – us.

“But he endured the suffering that should have been ours,
the pain that we should have borne.
All the while we thought that his suffering
was punishment sent by God.
But because of our sins he was wounded,
beaten because of the evil we did.
We are healed by the punishment he suffered,
made whole by the blows he received.
All of us were like sheep that were lost,
each of us going his own way.
But the Lord made the punishment fall on him,
the punishment all of us deserved.”
(Isaiah 53:4-6, GNT)

Let’s pray:
Praise to the Lord for not leaving us alone in our brokenness
Thanks for God’s mercy to us through Jesus’ on the cross
For the power of God to break every stronghold of the enemy
For an openness to the gospel and salvation

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