Mental Health Programs for 2019

Each new year brings fresh hope and new opportunities! Here are our mental health programs for 2019.

In Cambodia, we’ll train house parents working with orphaned children and church leaders in two cities. Our first seminar in South America will be in Ecuador. We continue to collaborate with Mercy Ships, and will join them in training for Senegal and Guinea.

Many hours go into producing the training materials in different languages for these nations. The Spanish translation is in process, and we’re planning for India as soon as the Hindi translation is complete.

Translations in process - Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese

In addition, we’ve recorded video of the entire 40-hour seminar in French, for use when teams are prevented from access due to conflict. 

Thank you for your prayers for direction, protection, funding, connections, and open doors. Please pray for facilitators, translators, the participants and for the people who will come to them with so many burdens too difficult to bear alone. God’s timing is perfect and strategic. His Spirit knows what each soul needs. May we trust in Him to direct our path just as He directs the rivers and streams.