Update from Uganda

Bridges for Children secondary students

Here are some of the secondary students you’re supporting through Bridges for Children. Students are entering their third term of the school year — Thanks to you! As the third school term begins, nine students are attending secondary school. Fifty attend primary school, and 11 are in teacher training or […]

Protecting Girls is Key to Fighting AIDS

There has been significant progress in recent years, but children still suffer because of HIV/AIDS. Today’s report from UNICEF says adolescents, especially girls, are at the highest risk. Globally, an estimated 1,100 young women (aged 15–24 years) are infected with HIV every day. According to UNICEF, adolescent girls are disproportionately vulnerable […]

The Test

Student concentrates

These have chosen to seize the moment to pursue their dream amidst the storm called the “TEST”. With smiles so broad, they have accepted to face the challenge, pursue their dreams regardless of the hurdles with the aim of having a bright future.

Making Meager Meals Momentous

School Lunch

Mangeni is thrilled to be in school today. Because she’s in school, she has a chance to bring herself out of poverty. As she sits in class, she tries hard to focus. There was no dinner at home last night.

Back to School

Back to School!

The third and final term of the school year started today in Uganda. Here, the school year begins in February and ends the first week of December. This last term ends with high-stakes tests for students in 7th grade – the Primary Leaving Exam.