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Mental Health Training Projects in 2022

    We’re look forward to new opportunities to equip community service providers around the world to recognize and respond to mental health concerns.

    The need is great, as grief, isolation, stress, and anxiety have increased with the pandemic. Many courageous and faithful formal and informal service providers are working to ease suffering. They are asking for help to understand how trauma affects people, and ways to respond.

    In November, service providers in South Africa were trained, as well as formerly incarcerated men and women who learned life skills as well. This was part of an 18-month program with Mercy Ships for a unique program which also incorporated restorative justice and vocational training.

    Here’s a brief look at what’s ahead in 2022:

    Africa: Partners in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), have been asking for this training for years. Finally, the time has come! Not only DRC, but God has also opened a door to equip church leaders in Burundi. Then, through continued collaboration with Mercy Ships, more healthcare workers and leaders will be trained in Liberia, Senegal, Benin and South Africa.

    The Americas: In Peru, we will work with churches and leaders of social programs, with a focus on children and domestic abuse. We will also be back in Ecuador for a second round of training, and plans are underway for Mexico, as well.

    Central Asia: We hope to be back in Central Asia soon, and we’re making plans.

    Your support for these projects means more help is available at the community level, and people dealing with grief, stress, mental disorders, and trauma can be met with compassion and understanding.