Feeling Accomplished

Children need education

The school year in Uganda has ended, and the holidays are here! During the long break from school, activities such as the weekly Awana club continue. This helps our families and provides a safe haven for children.

Let me tell you about some of your students who have had big accomplishments this year – and you were a big part of making it happen!

Twenty-four students at Calvary Primary took the Primary Leaving Exams (PLE). This is a huge milestone in their education, and their performance on this national exam determines if they can continue to secondary school.

Sixteen secondary students took “O” Level exams. These exams take place over many days, and each section is hours long. These high-pressure exams determine if a student can go on to “A” Level classes. Two students took “A” level exams this year for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education.

They will find out how they did sometime just before the first term of school next year.

After secondary school, students can go to vocational school or college. This year four students completed their studies, with these accomplishments:

Certificate in Business Administration.
Certificate in Auto Mechanics
Diploma in Accounting
Teacher Training (graduation in May 2015)

None of these students would be in school without your generous support –
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!